Data protection

To cast a vote in the Popular Prize category of the European Inventor Award 2019 and be entered for the prize draw, you must provide personal data. You must also confirm that the data provided, in particular your first name, surname and email address, is true and accurate.

The EPO will store your name and email address only for the purposes of the vote and the prize draw, including notifying prize-draw entrants of the result.

The winners' names will be published on the EPO websites and and on its Facebook page. You agree to this when you consent to the terms and conditions.

Stored personal data will not be passed on to third parties. All stored names and addresses will be deleted once the prize-draw winners have been notified and have received their prizes.

You can have your personal data deleted, changed or rectified at any time up to the closing date for voting and entering the prize draw. To do so, write to (giving your first name, surname and email address) and you will be sent an email informing you of the data stored about you. You can then request the desired deletion, change or rectification in a reply to that email. Alternatively, you can click the Remove your information link in the email you received to confirm your vote and then delete the data yourself. If your data is deleted, you will be disqualified from the prize draw but your validly cast votes will still be counted.

Voting data will be stored on the EPO's servers and servers of Plan.Net Pulse GmbH, Brienner Strasse 45, 80333 Munich.

When you access the website to vote, certain information about you, such as internet protocol (IP) addresses, navigation through the site, software used and time spent, may be stored by the EPO or on our behalf. This information will be used only for website traffic analysis and identifying abuse, and not to identify you. No attempt will be made to monitor systematically individual users or IP addresses, or the actions that they perform.

On, we invite you to follow the EPO on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube. It also provides links to those platforms' websites (,,, which you can use to share our website, the finalists' profiles or information on your favourite inventor. This means that the information is shared directly through those platforms, and not through EPO websites.

The EPO has no control over what data these platforms collect.

For details on how each of these platforms uses data, please consult their privacy policies at,, and

If you have any questions about how your data will be used for the vote or the prize draw, you can write to us at or on Facebook.

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Your personal data has been removed from our database

As requested, we have removed your personal data from the database. You are therefore no longer participating in the Popular Prize lottery.

If this was a mistake or you have changed your mind, simply vote for your favourite inventor again.